1969 CORVETTE L-88

Documented L88 Survivor

1969 Corvette L88: Survivor
This is a 1969 L88 which is "Unrestored"; over the past few years, unrestored cars have really gained notoriety as they are only original once. This car has been in some very prestigious collections and has received some of the highest awards for an unrestored Corvette. This car is fully matching numbers as well as loads of documentation. Documentation, Documentation, Documentation! This car has been seen by the experts at Bloomington and NCRS, it is also in the L88 Libraries.

This car has been certified as a Bloomington Gold Survivor which authenticates its originality for unrestored cars, this car has not been repainted and has been most cared for throughout its life. The interior is original, the chassis has been well preserved as many of the inspection marks are still visible.

This car is a True "Time-capsle" and is the definition of a "Survivor".  A car can be restored an infinite amount of time, but is only in its original state once.

• Tank Sticker that is still on tank, tank was cut open
• Warranty Book & Protect-O-Plate
• Dealer-Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist
• Owners Bag

Additional Documentation:
• Complete History Report
• Complete Owner History
• Judging Sheets
• Previous Titles
• Letters from Bloomington Gold
• Numbers and Date Codes of parts

• NCRS Top Flights (Regionals)
• Bloomington Gold Survivor
• Bloomington Gold Certified
• Bloomington Gold Special Collection


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