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1986 Corvette Convertible

The perfect starter Corvette!
Going live on Bring a Trailer in February. 

The 1986 Corvette was the second year of the fourth generation of Corvette (C4). Available for the first time since 1975, Corvette built 7,315 convertibles. The most famous of these 1986 Corvettes were the yellow Indy 500 Pace Car replicas. Despite the exterior color, all 1986 Corvette were designated as pace car replicas and featured a unique dash bezel.

This 1986 Corvette is finished in its original white paint and was originally equipped with a graphite interior. The seats have since been upgraded to a two-tone black and red. The original seats are available with the purchase of the car. This ’86 does feature the aluminum heads which pumps out an extra 5 horsepower to produce a total 235 HP. 

With 90,xxx miles, this 1986 Corvette is the perfect starter, Corvette. Easy to work on and well maintained, this upgraded Corvette is ready for its next owner!

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