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About Michael Yager Jr.


Growing Up in the Automobile World

Having grown up in an automotive family, the love of automobiles was instilled from birth. My father Mike Yager Sr. founded Mid America Motorworks, one of the largest aftermarket Corvette parts & accessories business in the world. Like so many other family businesses, our family and our business were one in the same, and life was about cars, day in and day out.  Some of my earliest childhood memories involved our family attending automotive events all around the world. I learned so much watching my father as the Chairman of the Board at the National Corvette Museum. Our family has since been immortalized in the Corvette world when he was inducted to the National Corvette Museum’s Hall of Fame.  It is because of my family that I knew from a young age, that I would be involved with cars in my career.

In my mid teens, my passion for cars turned me to racing, which set the foundation for my biggest passion within the automobile industry. From 2002-2005, I raced formula cars professionally up to Formula Renault V6 (an F3 equivalent) alongside some of today’s leading race car names, such as Marco Andretti and Sergio Perez. While my career was short, my passion for racing is still very much intact.

When I entered college to get my BS in Business Administration at DePaul University in Chicago IL, I still had that driving passion to be involved in cars. The last semester of my senior year, I found myself actively looking for a Rolls Royce for a family friend. Of all the Phantom Coupes in the world, I found the closest matching Phantom to be in Chicago. Little did I know that my trip to purchase this Rolls Royce would result in my first job offer, on the spot. This new opportunity lead me to selling high end exotic and luxury cars for the next two years at Bentley Gold Coast.

One short stint in the private jet market led me back to my family’s business. During my years at the family business, I had the chance to manage several aspects of the business. I oversaw our family’s car collection, many of which were invited to be a part of events like Amelia Island Concours, Pebble Beach and more. I was able to buy and sell some of the world’s rarest and most historically significant Corvettes at auctions like Mecum, Barret Jackson and RM Sotheby’s.  During that time, I often had friends and customers asking for advice on how to buy or sell Corvettes and other classic cars. I quickly realized that I loved using my unique lifelong experience to be a consultant for other car collectors. 

I want to create memories for my family like I had growing up in the automotive world. MDY Motorcars captures the decades of automotive experience, passion, connections and puts it into your hands. Our focus is to provide clarity and reasoning for your next automotive acquisition.

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