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Our Services

Automotive Consignment

Let MDY Motorcars help you sell your rare or unique collector car.  If you would like to sell you car through our website, please contact us.


Car Collection Curation & Consulting

Building a car collection is not an easy process. We at MDY Motorcars believe in identifying the owners end goals to establish a road map or goal of the collection. If you enjoy racecars, do you plan on racing the car yourself? Do you prefer to collect race-cars for their history and provenance? Perhaps you are into all original cars. Have you identified the shows and awards you would like to achieve.  Is your collection brand specific, or perhaps its based on generational aspirations or unique features on a car, for instance hypercars or manual gearbox. Each of these and more present unique challenges not only for the owner but with respect to the general market.



From basic installs to a full blown restoration, we can help manage the process and set expectations.



We understand that shipping a car is not a daily routine for most people, but it is for us. We sold a pristine VW Beetle to a gentleman in New York. When he inquired about shipping, I stated it would not be a problem and that we would handle pick up to drop off and the insurance. He stated “its that easy?" It really is. From major carriers to private carriers, we have established relationships. We often have empty legs or private carriers at discounted rates moving across the country. For shows, auctions, concours we often have availability and storage options.

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